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10 tips to cope with COVID-19 anxiety

At XCLUU. we strongly believe in supporting others as much as we possibly can. We all follow these 10 top tips to maintain a positive mindset and so should you!

Plan future occasions or something you can look forward to with your family and friends Talking to a lot of people during this challenging time, we have all been taught the same lesson, ‘We must make more time to make memories with our family and friends’.  There has never been a more vital time to keep your family close and plan for future happy memories. Although we do not have a confirmed timescale of when this pandemic will be over, we can still plan what we are going to do once we are free to do so! I know I will be planning a party to celebrate with our loved ones once this is over!

Take breaks from watching, listening or reading the news or social media – Let’s face it, the only news aired is negative news so it’s important you don’t let this influence a negative mindset! By continually watching, listening or reading the news or social media, the keeps the worry of the uncertain times at the forefront of our minds. You should limit yourself to 30 minutes of social media or news a day and ideally not first thing in the morning or last thing at night; first thing in the morning will set your day off on the wrong foot and last thing at night you will find yourself overthinking which will lead to a bad nights sleep.

Take care of your body –

Stretching and meditating will help quiet an overactive mind.  

Exercise releases chemicals like endorphins and serotonin that improve your mood. If you exercise regularly, it can reduce your stress and symptoms of mental health conditions like depression and anxiety.

Eating healthy - There aren't any diet changes that can cure anxiety, but watching what you eat will certainly help. How many of us have eaten healthy for a period time and thought to ourselves ‘I feel so much healthier!’?

Plenty of sleep – sleeping is a big factor of reducing anxiety. However, during this challenging time, we appreciate that this is not always easy. By following the above (stretching/meditating, exercise and eating healthy) you will be in a stronger position to sleep better.

Keep connected with your friends and family via FaceTime, WhatsApp, Zoom, House Party etc – Scientists have actually said that staying connected with friends and family makes you healthier. This is because when you have the support of other people, it reduces the harmful effects of stress/anxiety.

Some people may actually be alone during isolation so it is most important to reach out to them. How about a weekly quiz with our friends and family?! This will also help keep our minds active!

Take time to unwind – Read a book, listen to music, tackle a puzzle book or even a jigsaw! It is so important to keep your mind active and away from the day to day worries and gives our mind and body time to repair. Having this time to repair our mind and body gives us the motivation to continue with the more challenging aspects of the day.

Protect yourself and your family – Catch it, bin it, kill it! Catch your coughs and sneezes in a tissue to protect your family and reduce the risk of spreading if you were to have the Coronavirus. Staying indoors will also protect you and your family, only go out for essentials if you really have to. Plan ahead – look into getting your shopping delivered whether that be a supermarket or your local farm shop or butchers. If you do have to go out, ensure you are keeping 2 metres away from anybody that is not within your household. Why not be extra careful and wear gloves and a mask!

Positivity – Remember, this isn’t forever. Turn everything you do into a positive, for example, If you are a business owner and have noticed a loss of revenue, use this time to focus on progressing your business and planning for the future… time is always swallowed up with more ‘important’ things on a ‘normal’ day. Ask yourself, what more could we be doing? How can we thrive off this challenging time?

If you can, get outside – Being outside can really help to relieve anxiety, stress, and depression. Countless studies have proven that nature has a positive effect on your mental health. Being outside tends to have a calming affect and also has a positive affect on our physical wellbeing. By being outside, you could just be relaxing in a garden chair (weather depending), going for a walk or run, gardening etc – we aren’t talking any major activities!

Gratitude – Focus more on what you are grateful for. We all take a little advantage of our ‘normal’ life, not realising how fortunate we actually are. Not being able to go to work, see our family or friends, go on holiday or simply just go on a day trip makes us want these things more than ever. Take this time to concentrate on what means the most to you and what you will give more attention once we are out of this pandemic. Happier days will come.

 We are all in this together – Remember, everybody is in the same boat, do not suffer in silence, you are not alone. Reach out to whoever, whenever you can.


We hope you have found our top tips useful and can implement these into what is now a ‘normal’ day. For now, stay safe!