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Business Networking for Small Business'


Business Networking is all about finding the right event with the best support network around you - this is key to building long term trusting relationships. 

Regular networking within your local area is sure to get your ‘name’ out there! It’s not about securing a deal there and then. It's about you and your brand being at the forefront of each and every business attending. Having your company name imprinted in their brain could result in them recommending you when the opportunity arises. Your networking circle will start to become a very integral part of your business! 

If you have commitment, determination and passion for building new relationships then networking will take you a long way. People are more inclined to buy from people than a website, for example. Authenticity is key! You will be in a room full of other like minded individuals who are in the same situation as you.

 Networking is a slow burner. DO NOT expect to close a deal at a single networking event; this could take weeks. This is where your determination and commitment comes in! 

 Although some networking events are free of charge, most do come at a cost, but a £10-15 a month investment could and should lead to business over the year. It is important that you take the time to find networking events that suit your target audience before agreeing to sign up long term, otherwise it could be a waste of money.

 Do your research! Not all networking events are during unsociable hours. Some event holders recognise that they could actually be missing out on many business opportunities in the local area due to networking events before 9am and after 3pm… why not try a networking lunch? It is important to find the right networking event for you. 

 Many new business acquaintances and friends are made at regular networking - its not always about business. Having a great circle of friends is so good for your health and wellbeing which results in a positive lifestyle in and out of business!  Business can also be a really lonely place some times and so wouldn’t it be nice to have somebody to call on to share the load from time to time?

 After going to a couple of networking events you might realise that it just isn’t for everybody. You may have a very specific product or skill that isn’t likely to be promoted at a small networking group.The important part is to give it a go and find out what works for you! 

 Our vision for XCLUU. is simple; ‘To be the UK’s biggest supporter of small businesses’. A big and bold statement to make, but our passion and motivation to support the XCLUU. community goes way beyond the monthly marketing package.

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