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Keeping your Social Media, social!

We don’t head to our social media accounts to buy stuff, we go to relax, catch up on news and entertainment, and to have a good old nose about! Whilst it’s absolutely OK to plug what your business does, social is the perfect place to bandstand your brand and let your business’ personality shine! You can showcase your values, your sense of humour, and sometimes, your promotions and services. Here are some guidelines we’ve created so you can be on top of your social media game!


Separating your personal and business accounts

We’ve seen many small business owners use their business page as their personal page - try NOT to do this… If you’ve had a bad day, don’t vent your frustrations on your business page, head to your own personal account to let off steam or post about other personal stuff. This said, it's a great idea to introduce team members on your business pages to inject the 'human element' into your brand.


Start Conversations

Followers respond well to being included in your content, so asking questions is a great way to improve engagement! Simply asking for opinions or votes for something can work really well and help you to open up a dialogue directly with customers. BUT, always remember to respond in a timely manner.


Knowing your platforms

Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, they all have slightly different audiences. Although the essence of your message on these channels can be consistent across them all, you will need to check your language to make sure you’re communicating effectively to the audience. For example, LinkedIn members are generally educated business people, whereas Instagram users are Gen Z who love bold graphics and short amounts of text.


Stick to your brand guidelines

Design graphics to complement your brand using your brand colours, and stick with it. When a visitor comes to your page/profile, it needs to look consistent and professional.


Social Media can be loads of fun, and for every account you have, it provides another route to your business when people are searching online for your products and services. But, not all business owners have the time to do it themselves, and that’s why XCLUU. is a great resource for small businesses.


Our Social Guru package is just £250 + VAT a month and we can manage up to 3 social media platforms for you, meaning you can crack on with all the other things you need to do in your business.


Best of all, we don't tie you into a contract, so commitment and risk is minimal. Contact us today to see how we can take 25% off your first month!


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