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Many businesses went in to ‘freeze mode’ when lockdown was first announced, cutting costs wherever they could and hunkering down to save whatever they could…but, just over 4 weeks in and I think we’re starting to see a positive shift in professional behaviours. Gradually, the business developers amongst us are slowing ‘un-hunkering’ and starting to see the opportunities amongst this forced change.

If my years of personal development have taught me anything, it’s that we must find an opportunity in the face of every challenge and the current pandemic is no different. There are opportunities for us all out there if we look hard enough, BUT, I do fear that if you’re not prepared to be digitally strong right now, Q2 could be a write off for many businesses.

So, should you be ‘marketing your way through COVID’19’?  Absolutely. 

As Proctor and Gamble quite rightly put it; ‘This is not a time to go off air’.  Whilst many of us can’t be physically present, we must be mentally present for our audience to maintain trust in our brand(s), or create the trust.

How can I be ‘digitally’ present?

First thing is first … you’ve got to be on social and active. In the words of entrepreneur and best selling author Rob Moore, ‘if you’re not present on social media in 2020, you may as not be in business’. And that was well said before COVID-19 hit.

If this is an area which you’re not comfortable with then get in touch. We understand that not everybody is confident on social media.  Perhaps you don’t have the time or fear your skills aren’t up to scratch to create graphically pleasing posts. This is why XCLUU. was born … to support businesses like yours at an affordable cost.  For just £250 + VAT per month, we will manage all of your social media across 3 platforms.  For full details, visit the packages page on our website.

We have a few tips to share on how to approach your marketing campaign during COVID-10:

  1. Context - What does your brand mean to the world right now, given the current circumstances? Speak to your audience in context.
  2. Think digital! You must must must be digitally present right now. Whether that’s via social media, PPC (google adverts), banner ads.
  3. Constantly assess campaigns - in circumstances which are changing every single day, it’s imperative that you monitor your campaigns closely. We must be ready to adapt at a moment’s notice.
  4. Be creative. Think outside the box. How do you get your brand noticed in a world where we’re all competing for a position on similar platforms?
  5. Engage with contacts more than ever! If you weren’t interactive on LinkedIn beforehand, it’s imperative that you are now! Don’t fall under the radar. Let your contacts know that you are present, ‘business as usual’ and ready to take their call.

As awful as this all is, lockdown won’t last forever and neither will this chapter of our business. We must keep going. We must keep moving forward and we must keep our brands alive.

Dare to up your game during COVID-19! #SurviveOrThrive #IChooseThrive

‘Visibility is credibility’ | Rob Moore.