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Tips for writing a press release

For a small business, distributing a press release and attaining media coverage is a great way to get your message in front of people, and to increase brand awareness for your company.

Press releases tell media outlets like your local newspaper why your story is important. And you don’t need to have a background in journalism to write one either. If you have an interesting company update such as launching a ground-breaking product or something great you’ve done for the community, don’t be afraid to shout about it!

Let’s start with the basics of writing a press release.

Think about the most important parts of your story. What do you want people to know about? Why is this story so exciting and relevant?

Like with most stories, press releases are meant to ‘hook’ people in and want to find out more. If you’ve received an award for example, start by telling the audience what the award is and why it’s so important. How did the award come about? Put this information at the top of your press release and add in the finer details later on.

It’s also important that you keep a press release as short as possible, ideally about a page or so. “Why’s that?” we hear you ask. Simply put, reporters are busy people and don’t have time to wade through heavy blocks of text. Keep your paragraphs short (we suggest no more than five lines long or so) and try not to use jargon either. Simplicity is the way forward!

One of the most important ingredients in any press release is a quote from either yourself or someone else close to the story. Don’t worry, this isn’t as scary as it might first seem. Imagine you’re sharing the news with a friend or family member and telling them what it means for your business or sector you’re working in. Are you excited about it? Are there new developments to come later?

After your quote, talk a little bit about your business, focusing on what it is you offer and maybe some of your other recent notable successes. Again, keep this section as short as possible – it’s meant to support the big news you will have spoken about in the earlier parts of the press release.

Once you’ve got all your information together, wrap up the main body of the press release with a sentence containing your website and write ‘ENDS’ underneath this sentence. Then that’s it.

Well, not quite. Now for the Editorial Note. This is really simple to write and doesn’t need to be too long. All you need to include in this section is a bit more about your business, which you can use from your website, and a contact email address and phone number for reporters to get in touch with you.

Now you’re done. We promise!

It’s not always easy to talk about yourself and your successes, but as long as you cover the most important parts of your story in a clear and concise way, using press releases can be an effective way of putting your business right in the spotlight and increasing sales potential.

If you want to start producing content like press releases and blogs to get your message in front of potential customers, but struggle for the time to do so, get in touch with us on hello@xcluu.co.uk or 0330 094 0161 and our team will be happy to help.