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Creative Content

What is Content and why is it so important?

We are always told that ‘content is king’, but what is content exactly and why is it so important for your business? Content is any communication produced for your business that is available for current customers or prospects to see. So the term ‘content’ covers emails you send to prospects, the blogs you add to your website, any advertising, social media posts, All the pages of your website… ‘Content’ covers everything you put out into the world. So, knowing that your business content is available for all to see, it’s easy to understand why it’s so important!


How can content help my online search results?

When a potential customer searches for the products and services your business provides using an online search engine such as Google or Bing, the search engine will crawl the internet for relevant online content. If you haven’t taken care to produce good, relevant content about what you do, then Google and Bing won’t return your website to the searcher in a preferable position on their results page. This is because Google and Bing have a reputation to uphold and customers to please, so they want to deliver the best and most relevant websites to the searcher. But nobody wants to be on page two of Google, right?!

There are lots of variables that can affect your position in a search result, but content is definitely what makes or breaks it… Regular posting, good quality pages, clear and concise writing, these all contribute to a ‘good’ website that will serve a customer with what they want when they arrive and should be part of your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy. Having social media profiles for your business also helps deliver positive results in a search engine, so don’t disregard social, it is just another way for people to find you! 

How should I address my customers when I write content?

Your business’ content also helps to shape your company tone of voice - or, how you come across to a customer. You should always be sure to maintain a tone of voice across all your content, whether you’re posting on LinkedIn or writing a blog for your website, consistency is important and it will help to solidify and strengthen your brand. 

What should I produce content for?

Online content communicates your brand and your products and services, your special offers, your people, events, your news. Or, you may want to produce content to join a conversation about industry news such as in a post on social media, showing your followers that you have your finger on the pulse! If you’re lucky, people will comment and share your post, meaning you’ve produced engaging content - WINNER. Just remember that the more relevant, up-to-date and high quality your content, the better. In short, keep it fresh! 

Can XCLUU. Produce my content for me?

YES! We have a talented team of content writers who know how to produce engaging and creative content for our clients that helps them stand out. We can produce your blogs, web page content, social media posts, emails, newsletters, advert copy, infographics… The list goes on. 

We will get to know your business through an initial discovery meeting, after which we will create a plan of content to engage your audience and increase your web traffic! Through monthly catch up meetings you will share with us any company updates or any requests for specific activity, then it’s over to XCLUU. to deliver the coming month’s activity whilst you crack on with running your business! 

We are happy to work in partnership with our clients at a level that suits them. So if you want to sign off every single social media post and blog, that’s fine, or if you’re happy for us to run with our ideas, that’s cool too! 

Take a look at our packages to see what we offer in each one, but if you want the whole shebang, select our Marketing Manager package for just £350 + VAT a month, with no contract!


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