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How could you possibly understand my business to be able to write blogs and social media posts, for example, on our behalf?

Answer: Good question! And a simple one for us to answer. Because we are professional marketers. We're not a call centre. We don't work from scripts. We're not outside of the UK. We are a team of professional, experienced marketers based in the Midlands, with a range of skill-sets which allow us to understand your business, industry and target market to enable us to fulfil our role, brilliantly (with some important information from you).

Your journey with us starts with a 'Discovery Call' where one of our Marketing Managers will ask you lots of questions to allow us to understand your business and build your plan.



I know I need the support. I'm just not sure which 'package' is best for me and my business.

Answer: Then give us a call! Our team can talk through the pros and cons of the packages for your business and help you to arrive at a decision. We're not a call centre. You will be transferred to a professional marketer who can support you with making the right decision for your business.





OK, so I've taken the jump, bought my first month, now what?

Answer: Well firstly, welcome on board! We're delighted to be working with you.

Once you have bought your first month you can expect an email from us within 48 working hours. That email will explain the next steps which essentially go a little like this...

  • You will also receive our Privacy and Compliancy statement within this email (just so we're all covered!)
  • Within the same email, you will receive our Service Level Agreement (SLA) of what you can expect for us on a monthly basis, for the package you have selected, and what we need from you in return for us to be able to fulfil our role.
  • We will agree a day and time to conduct your all important 'Discovery Call' with one of our Marketing Managers which will take approximately 45mins - 1 hour and will be done over the telephone.
  • From the findings of this call, we will put together a monthly 'plan of action' (depending on your package) for your approval. We won't do anything without your prior approval first.





I've tried a package but have found it isn't for us. Can we cancel?  

Answer: No problem at all. All we ask for is 30 days notice period. Although we're pretty sure we can make our service work for you. If you're unhappy with anything or are concerned, just give us a call! That's what we're here for.





So, no physical meetings?

Answer: That's right. Why? Well, in today's world, we really don't need to 'physically meet' when we have so much technology at our fingertips. This keeps travel time down (for both parties) and allows us to be super efficient, enabling us to charge a reasonable cost making our service affordable to most.





What kind of content will be posted?

Answer: Your Marketing Manager will use the monthly ‘Discovery Call’ as an opportunity to decide and agree with you what content will work best for the following month. We will be able to advise on the content you’ll need posting for your target audience. If you have chosen the Social Guru or The Manager, your social media content will be managed by our marketing team and therefore you will be able to check out your own posts via our Social Media planning tool, before it goes live!





How long will it take to start?

Answer: Once you have purchased your package, you will hear from us within 48 working hours to arrange your ‘Discovery Call’ at a day and time to suit which will be within 5 working days of your purchase (if that works with your diary!). Following the ‘Discovery Call’ you will receive your report from the call including suggested activities for the month within 48 working hours. Once we get an approval email in response from you, we will just need 3-5 working days for your plan to be put in to action. 





What input is needed from me / my business?

Answer: The way we conduct our service, with monthly calls to allow us to plan content etc, we aim to not have to bother you constantly throughout the month.  During the monthly ‘Discovery Call’, we will agree the actions for the month and you will approve our work when created - but we will make this process as smooth as possible for you.

The only package which is an exception to the rule is ‘The Marketing Mentor’.  This package is designed as a mentoring service where you (the client) will ‘do’ the work - but with full support from us.




Will I be in a fixed term agreement?

Answer: No! We are ‘pay monthly’ whereby you can give a 30 day notice to cancel your package. The biggest reason for doing this is because achieving results from ‘marketing’ takes time and unfortunately, no matter how great we think we are, it’s almost impossible to achieve immediate results for any business from the off. Marketing is about consistent and regular communication with your target audience and so it’s always great to consider your marketing investment as a part of your business costs rather than a ‘one-off’.